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The advisors for Pure Bible Press consist of our language and textual analysts. These are people who have studied the Bible version debate, and understand the importance of having a pure Bible available to people around the world. These are also people with whom Pure Bible Press works when it comes to determining the purity of the texts we are working on, as well as people with whom translators can talk to discuss certain specific issues with their work.

Language Advisors

- Bro. Peter Heisey
Missionary and Church Planter Among the Ethnic Gypsies of
Timisoara, Romania

- Dr. G.A. Riplinger
International Best-Selling Author and Language Researcher

- Bro. Stephen Shutt
Translator, and Lecturer

- Dr. Nicolas Verhoef
Missionary to the Germanic, and Indo-European Speaking People of Europe and Asia

Textual Advisors 

- Dr. James Sightler
Author, Historian, Researcher, and Pediatrician

- Dr. Dave Baker
of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee

- Bro. Brian Evans
Pastor of the Oakwood Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia

- Dr. Allen O'Reilly
Author, Researcher, Lecturer, and Engineer

- Dr. Bobby Adams
Researcher, and Pastor of Berea Baptist Church in Trenton, Tennessee