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Interesting facts about the Authorized King James Bible:

- The Authorized King James Bible is the best-selling version of all time

- More than 250 phrases we hear today originated from the Authorized King James Bible

- The Authorized King James Bible contains more than 788,000 words, of which more than 12,000 are unique.

- English, the second most spoken language in the world, has more words than any other language. But English speakers generally use only about 1% of the language.

- All pilots on international flights identify themselves in English.

- The Cambodian alphabet is the world's largest alphabet, with 74 letters. The world's shortest alphabet, used in the Solomon Islands, has only 11.

- There are over 583 different languages and dialects spoken in Indonesia alone, including English and Dutch.

There are approximately 6,208 languages in the world today...

3,427 of these languages do not have a pure Bible in print.

Where would you be today were it not for the word of God?

Every 24 hours, approximately 232,876 people die. 90% of which are more than likely lost without Christ.

That means that, of all the people who died yesterday, only 23,287 people had accepted Christ as Saviour; whereas 209,588 people went to Hell.

Reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ while you can!

In 1604, the translators of the Authorized King James Bible set down a list of rules for their translation project. These rules, due to their simplicity and thoroughness, have never been matched by any other group of translators, and the work that would later gain the title “The Authorized Version” has been unmatched in its purity, clarity, and Divine blessing. Pure Bible Press believes that these rules are equally applicable to translators today. For that reason, Pure Bible Press has adapted these rules, and recommends them to any translator, with whom we work, to be very carefully observed:

“1. The Authorized King James Bible is to be followed, and as little altered as translational accuracy and honesty will permit: Pure Bible Press is very careful, clear, and unwavering in this point.

“2. The names of the prophets and the holy writers, with the other names in the text, to be retained, as near as may be, according as they are commonly used.

“3. The old ecclesiastical words to be kept; as the word church, not to be translated congregation, etc.

“4. When any word hath divers significations, that to be kept which has been most commonly used by history and Christianity, being agreeable to the propriety of the place, and the analogy of the faith.

“5. The division of the chapters to be altered, either not at all, or as little as may be, if necessity so require.

“6. No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but only for the explanation of other pure vernacular words (which cannot, without some circumlocution, so briefly and fitly be expressed in the text), and certainty given that no doubt is brought to the mind of the reader of the plain text of scripture.

“7. Such quotations of places to be marginally set down, shall serve for the fit references of one scripture to another.

“8. Every particular man of each company of the translation to take the same chapter of chapters; and having translated or amended them severally by himself, where he thinks good, all to meet together, to confer what they have done, and agree for their part what shall stand.

“9. As any one company has dispatched any one book in this manner, they shall send it to the rest to be considered of seriously and judiciously: Pure Bible Press is very careful, clear, and unwavering in this point.

“10. If any company, upon the review of the book, shall doubt or differ upon any places, must send their reasons for their differences; to which if they consent not, the difference to be compounded at the general meeting, which is to be the chief persons of each company, at the end of the work.

“11. When any place of special obscurity is doubted of, letters are to be directly sent by authority and permission of Pure Bible Press to any born again, spiritual person in the land for his judgment in such a place.

“12. Letters to be sent from every preacher and translator to the rest of the clergy, admonishing them of this translation in hand, and to move and charge as many as being skillful in the tongues, have taken pains in that kind, to send their particular observations to both the translator and Pure Bible Press.

“13. Each recommendation is to be viewed with respect and searched out in regards to whether it is worthy of consent by the translator and Pure Bible Press.

“14. Each translator is to give a full account of his work, which will include the sources, materials, and persons used in completing the task before him.”

If you are a translator, and would like Pure Bible Press to examine and possibly promote your work,  please fill out our translator questionnaire and send it to us once you have completed it. This questionnaire can be found by clicking here.

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