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Interesting facts about the Authorized King James Bible:

- The Authorized King James Bible is the best-selling version of all time

- More than 250 phrases we hear today originated from the Authorized King James Bible

- The Authorized King James Bible contains more than 788,000 words, of which more than 12,000 are unique.

- English, the second most spoken language in the world, has more words than any other language. But English speakers generally use only about 1% of the language.

- All pilots on international flights identify themselves in English.

- The Cambodian alphabet is the world's largest alphabet, with 74 letters. The world's shortest alphabet, used in the Solomon Islands, has only 11.

- There are over 583 different languages and dialects spoken in Indonesia alone, including English and Dutch.

There are approximately 6,208 languages in the world today...

3,427 of these languages do not have a pure Bible in print.

Where would you be today were it not for the word of God?

Every 24 hours, approximately 232,876 people die. 90% of which are more than likely lost without Christ.

That means that, of all the people who died yesterday, only 23,287 people had accepted Christ as Saviour; whereas 209,588 people went to Hell.

Reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ while you can!

What is the mission of Pure Bible Press? Our mission can be summed up very briefly as: Location, Education, and Distribution. Let’s look at what we mean by those three things:

I. Location

    What we mean by “Location” is: finding pure Bibles in as many languages as we possibly can. Generally, there are several places where pure Bible texts can be found:

  1. Old texts that have been taken out of print;
  2. New texts that have recently been translated;
  3. Restorations of old texts

Old Texts:

   Finding them is the biggest challenge. Many times, they have been out of print for well over 100 years, so it is often very difficult to locate a book like that – but it is not impossible.

   Once the text has been found, we then go about digitizing it. This is often very time consuming – but the end result is often a text that is clearer when it is printed. Dealing with old texts, you must also have someone who speaks the language to help assist in the comparison – generally, that is a native speaker. Here is where the detailed examination work actually begins on the text. Everything in the text is compared to the Authorized King James Bible, as well as other pure vernacular texts, so that everyone is on the same page concerning the comparative authority.

   Generally, a Christian has raised question over the readings in another text while reading the Authorized King James Bible along with it. When further investigation is done, we have found that the text has been corrupted through the use of faulty Greek lexicons which use the wrong sources altogether, or that the work was “retranslated” using a corrupt modern English version. This is where the language and textual advisors affiliated with Pure Bible Press will come in and check the text, along with the native speaker. This is done to ensure that the biblical principles of Proverbs 11:14 and Matthew 18:16 are followed.

New Texts:

   There are times when a language has not had a completely pure text available to it. That is where a translator may step in and put together a pure translation. Most of the translators with whom Pure Bible Press works are fluent in both the English language, and in the receptor language (e.g. Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, etc.). A rule that Pure Bible Press has set down for translators is that any translation being done at present must use the Authorized King James Bible as their primary source text, while also using pure vernacular scriptures in cognate languages (or in the receptor language) to do their translating. Language and textual advisors affiliated with Pure Bible Press will check to ensure that this rule is being followed. Once again, the biblical principle learned in Proverbs 11:14 and Matthew 18:16 is the main reason we set this rule.

   We believe that the beliefs and methods of that translator should be made known clearly to Christians around the world. This is the reason that each translator that has worked on a text will be asked to fill out our “Translator Questionnaire” that is available on our website. Whenever that language is looked at from our “Language Guide” section, people will be able to see information regarding the translation work, such as: the people involved, what materials they used in doing this translation, and what mindset they had when working on the translation. We at Pure Bible Press believe that this is completely fair and necessary in regards to translation work, because it aids in Christians being well informed about the translation work being done in that language.


   This process can almost be considered a combination of the two previous processes, but in reality, it is different process all together. There are several times when an old text has been found to be generally correct, but there are a few places where the text needs to be corrected. Each time this is done, the restorations have come from going back to the historical precedents for specific readings, and making the corrections based on the consensus of the older readings and the Authorized King James Bible (generally, the older readings line up almost perfectly with the Authorized King James Bible).

   As is the case with several of the restoration projects (specifically, the Spanish 1602 Purificada and the French KJF), the translators have gone back to the older readings found in the older texts that are, generally, purer than the current texts available. The work is often very tedious, and it can be very difficult to do, but the end result is a text that lines up with the historical standard set in other pure Bibles, as well as the pure Bible in English – the Authorized King James Bible.


II. Education

   Finding a pure text and having it checked for absolute purity does absolutely no good if people do not understand the problems within the current text. If they do not see the need of having a pure Bible in their language, the work in that language is doomed to failure before it has begun. This is where the language advisors and native speakers are invaluable to Pure Bible Press.

   Each language and textual advisor, and native speaker, will put together a list of verses, in that specific language text, which they have found the current text to be doctrinally problematic or faulty when compared to the Authorized King James Bible and other pure vernacular Bibles. These charts will also show how the text we are working on and promoting is in agreement with Authorized King James Bible and the other pure vernacular Bibles. These charts may include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  1. Verses that show where the current text has or lines up with corrupt Critical Text readings, and how the pure text corrects these problem areas;
  2. Verses that show where the current text lines up with the corrupt lexicons (e.g. the NKJV mentality – good texts, bad translation mentality), and how the pure text corrects these areas.

   Pure Bible Press will also put together informational packets to send out to churches and missionaries that work in that language. This packet would include: the text (whether it be a John and Romans sample, a New Testament, or the entire Bible), the comparison chart provided by our language advisors and native speakers, and a response card for the missionary or pastor to send back to us requesting further information to give to his people. There will be some that discard our materials, or inform us that the problems addressed do not really matter. Should the missionary or pastor take that position, we will simply let people know that this church or missionary does not support having a pure text in the language of the people to whom they minister. Christians have a right to know who supports having a pure text in languages around the world, and who does not support it.


III. Distribution

   Having a pure Bible does no good if it never reaches the hands and hearts of the people who need it. This is where Pure Bible Press relies on our colleagues to get these texts printed and distributed. If you would like for us to list your printing/distribution ministry, please e-mail us. Some of our colleagues are listed below:

–       Bearing Precious Seed in Lansing, Michigan

–       Local Church Bible Publishers in Lansing, Michigan

–       Wings Bearing Precious Seed in McDonough, Georgia

–       Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation in Shelbyville, Tennessee

   Christians around the world must see the need to reach the masses with the pure word of God, and then be willing to act on that sight. Christians must be willing to help us get these pure Bibles out, as well as educate people they know about this issue and need.

   As these texts are distributed through the aid of God’s people, Christians in these languages will then be able to teach and preach about the pure word of God available to their people. They can also educate their people on the problems in the corrupt text that they had been using, and then showing them how these problems are corrected in the pure text available to them.

   These things would not be possible, if Pure Bible Press had not taken the time to do the research and work necessary to give these Christians a pure Bible in their language.

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